Question: Was Lucy Stillman a Templar?

When Desmond first gained access to his Eagle Vision, Lucy was shown in blue, which confirmed Desmonds belief that he could trust her, despite the later revelation that she was secretly a Templar; much like Al Mualim.

What was Lucys true allegiance?

It is later revealed that although Lucy was originally an Assassin and helped Desmond escape from the Abstergo lab, her allegiance still belonged to the Templars. Lucy helped her boss and Templar, Warren Vidic, follow Desmond and his team as they searched for the Apple of Eden.

Speaking to Kotaku, script writer Darby McDevitt revealed that Altaïr and Ezio dont share a family link. They could be from separate family trees that eventually converge and produce Desmond, but the two characters dont share any ancestors themselves.

Who is the deadliest Templar?

Assassins Creed: The 10 Most Dangerous Templars In The Franchise, According To Lore1 Rodrigo Borgia. Rodrigo Borgia was a truly repulsive individual and a sworn enemy to both Ezio and his family.2 Daniel Cross. 3 Lucy Stillman. 4 Al Mualim. 5 Taharqa - The Scarab 6 Haytham Kenway. 7 Cesare Borgia. 8 Shahkulu. More items •1 Dec 2020

Why did Kristen Bell leave Assassins Creed?

In a 2017 Jeux Vidéo interview with Canadian game designer Patrice Désilets, who created the Assassins Creed series, he alleged that Bell was fired and her character killed off after she started demanding royalties for her game appearances.

Who is the fastest assassin?

Altair Ibn-LaAhad is the fastest assassin in Assassins Creed. The only assassin in the Assassins Creed series thats never gotten hit during combat, Altair needs no help from gadgets.

Was Altaïrs wife a Templar?

Affiliations. Maria Mary Amelia Thorpe (1161-1228) was a high-ranking English noblewoman of the Knights Templar who later defected to the Assassins Order and married the master Altair Ibn-LaAhad after trying to kill him in Jerusalem in 1191.

Who is the most feared assassin in Assassins Creed?

Ezio is one of the most popular characters in the entire Assassins Creed franchise so its no surprise that he takes the top spot as the deadliest assassin. He stars in Assassins Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations in addition to an array of merchandise and even an animated short film.

How did Ezio died?

In the animated short Assassins Creed: Embers, the last years of Ezios life are chronicled. Shortly thereafter, while on a trip to the market square in Florence, Ezio dies from a heart attack at the age of 65.

Who killed Desmond Miles?

While Shaun, Rebecca, and William exit the temple, Desmond touches the pedestal and releases Juno. He saves the world, but kills himself by releasing Juno. According to lead designer Steve Masters, Desmonds story ends in Assassins Creed III: What were trying to do is bring some finality to Desmonds story.

What happened to Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings?

At the end of AC: Syndicate, Rebecca jumped in front of a bullet for Shaun and was wounded in the process.

Who does Kristen Bell voice in Assassins Creed?

Lucy Stillman Kristen Bell Most recently, shes been starring in NBCs hilarious The Good Place. Her voice acting talents go beyond Disney, though: shes also voiced the character Lucy Stillman in three Assassins Creed games.

Who is the most legendary assassin in Assassins Creed?

Assassins Creed: The Most Powerful Assassins (And Which Ones Are Weak)11 Worst: Abbas Sofian.12 Best: Shay Cormac. 13 Worst: Darim IbnLa Ahad. 14 Best: The Apprentices Of Achilles. 15 Worst: Arbaaz Mir. 16 Best: Arno Dorian. 17 Worst: Mario Auditore. 18 Best: Jacob Frye. More items •29 Apr 2021

Who killed Altairs wife?

Maria was killed in 1228, during Abbas Sofians coup détat against her husband, by the blade of Swami.

Who was Altairs wife?

Maria Thorpe Maria Thorpe was the wife of Altair. Since childood, Maria had always dreamed of being a knight. A tomboy in her teens, she was often ridiculed by other children and punished by her parents for refusing to be a lady.

Who is the smartest assassin in assassins Creed?

Lets take a trip through time and find some of the smartest people in Assassins Creed.1 Juno. This member of the ancient Isu, or the First Civilization, is behind almost everything in Assassins Creed.2 Leonardo Da Vinci. 3 Socrates. 4 Alexander Graham Bell. 5 Piri Reis. 6 Sofia Sartor. 7 Rebecca Crane. 8 Shaun Hastings. More items •13 Jan 2020

Who is the strongest assassin in anime?

The 10 Best Anime Assassins, Ranked By Kill Count1 Light Yagami (Death Note)2 Hei (Darker Than Black) 3 Rob Lucci (One Piece) 4 Silva Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter) 5 Akame (Akame Ga Kill!) 6 Hassan-I-Sabbah (The Fate Series) 7 Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom) 8 Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) More items •1 Dec 2020

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