Question: How do you get an au pair in Denmark?

You must contact and make an agreement with a Danish family about being an au pair with them. The agreement between you and the host family must be set by a binding au pair contract which establishes the framework for your stay as an au pair with the family.

How much does an au pair cost in Denmark?

The pocket money for au pairs is 4,550 DKK per month (gross). The au pair continues to receive this pocket money in case of illness and also during holidays.

How do I apply for au pair in Denmark?

Au Pair in Denmark requirementsYou are at least 18, but not older than 29 (in case of the citizens of Canada, the maximum age may reach 35 - read more about the visa regulations )You are not and you have never been neither married, nor in any other registered relationship.You dont have children.More items

How much is au pair visa in Denmark?

To get started, the online application needs to be filled out and a fee of 4,040 DKK has to be paid. A copy of the au pairs complete passport including front and back covers must be submitted.

How do I find a host family in Denmark?

Heres what you need to be a host family in Denmark: At least one of the host family parents must be a Danish citizenor have lived for a long time in Denmark. You have one or more minor children living permanently in your household. You do not receive any public assistance funds.

Are Au pairs paid well?

Age limit: To be an au pair in the United States you must be between 18-26. Typical hours: Au pairs in the U.S. will work no more than 45 hours a week and no more than 10 hours a day. Average monthly pay: Au pairs must be paid $195.75 a week.

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