Question: What was Lamar from Love After Lockup in prison for?

Lamar Jackson had six years to go on an 18-year prison sentence for armed robbery when he and devout Mormon Andrea Edwards fell in love through being pen pals. She demanded that as soon as he was released, he make an honest woman out of her by marrying her.

Why was Lamar imprisoned?

Lamar was incarcerated following a life of crime as a LA gangbanger, while Andrea lived in Utah with her three children and focused on her close relationship with the Mormon church.

Are Andrea and Lamar from love after lockup still together?

Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson are back on good terms on Life After Lockup. An exclusive clip of Fridays episode shows the married couple apologizing to each other over their latest fight. Upon his release, the couple got married and Lamar tried to live in Utah with Andrea and the kids.

Is Alla from love after lockup back in jail?

Alla was able to stay sober after her stint in rehab. However, it didnt last long. She began using drugs again and violated her parole, landing herself back in prison. James tried to stick by her side through it all, but Alla was arrested again last year and was released just this month.

Are Andrea and Lamar still married?

In gratitude of Andrea making her unwanted life change, Lamar married her in a beautiful backyard ceremony at the end of Love After Lockup season 1. The couple has since been a staple on the shows spinoff Life After Lockup.

Are Maurice and Jessica still together?

Maurice and Jessica Gibsons recent social media activity has proven their breakup since last appearing on Love After Lockup. The married couple has been taking jabs at each other online as Maurice enjoys life with his new girlfriend Mandy.

How did Andrea get pregnant by Lamar?

Andrea Edwards previously revealed how she and her husband Lamar Jackson conceived their daughter, Priscilla. The two fell in love while Lamar was incarcerated and conceived their eight-year-old daughter Priscilla through an unofficial conjugal visit.

Did Jessica and Maurice have a baby?

Jessica was Maurices ticket to a new and better life, and Maurice was Jessicas ticket to love and a family. The two now have a son together, Maliq, and Maurice even got permission from his parole officer to move with Jessica to Las Vegas.

Whats wrong with Scotts lip on love after lockup?

The entrepreneur has admitted that the appearance of his upper lip is due to an allergy to food preservatives. He even pointed out to fans that its certainly not a permanent skin condition and that it is only a temporary reaction.

What happened to Tracie wagaman Love After Lockup?

LOVE After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman died of an “accidental meth overdose” just one week after welcoming a baby. The Las Vegas Coroners Office exclusively confirmed to The Sun that Tracies official cause of death is methamphetamine toxicity. The death has been ruled accidental.

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