Question: Why do immature men run for the hills?

Why do guys come running back?

He might be hoping that youll compliment him and make him feel better about himself, just like you probably did when you were together. He might also want you to want him – if he messages you and youre excited to hear from him and desperate to get back together, hes going to feel wanted and desired and attractive.

Why do guys run away from me?

A man running away from you isnt necessarily a bad sign: Maybe he just wanted a fling, and since he didnt get what he wanted with you, hes looking for someone else. He realised that you were not compatible in terms of lifestyle or personality and he also has the right to change his mind.

Does a guy come back after ghosting?

Dont be surprised if you get a text from an ex who ghosted you after you post a thirst trap. But social media isnt the only sign that a ghoster might be planning their grand return. If youre wondering do ghosters come back — the answer is yes.

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