Question: When did dec get married?

How long has DEC been married?

Declan DonnellyDeclan Donnelly OBEYears active1987–presentSpouse(s)Ali Astall ​ ( m. 2015)​Children1Parent(s)Anne Donnelly Alphonsus Donnelly (deceased)6 more rows

Did Ant and Dec get married?

TV host Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie Corbett have tied the knot. The newly married couple were pictured smiling as they left St Michaels Church in Heckfield, Hampshire, after their wedding ceremony on Saturday. McPartlin, 45, posed for photos with his TV partner and friend Declan Donnelly, 45, outside the building.

When did ant get married?

July 22, 2006 (Lisa Armstrong) Ant McPartlin/Wedding dates Personal life. On 22 July 2006, McPartlin married his longtime girlfriend, make-up artist Lisa Armstrong at Cliveden, a country house hotel in Buckinghamshire. The couple were married for 11 years before eventually announcing on 15 January 2018 that they were divorcing.

Who did Ant and Dec marry?

Anne-Marie Corbett Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie Corbett have married at a star-studded wedding ceremony. The pair beamed as they waved to photographers and cheering fans following the wedding at a quaint rural church in Hampshire. Guests included TV sidekick Declan Donnelly, Phillip Schofield, David Walliams and Dermot OLeary.

Is Ant and Dec twins?

In the show, they both found out that they have the same DNA marker, which means Ant and Dec are related as distant cousins.

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