Question: What do speed dating events do for businesses?

Business speed dating is a method of face-to-face prospecting often known as speed business meetings and speed networking. Its aim is to get you in front of as many potential business clients and customers as possible. And yes, the method does get its name from the speed dating people use to find potential soulmates.

What do you do in a speed network event?

Have a planKnow why you want to attend. Are you testing out new messaging as I was? Know what youll say about yourself and your company. Keep it short. Know what to ask about their company/business. If there is time, ask more about them. Say thanks and mean it. Follow up with all those you met.

How do you speed up a network event?

The Best Speed Networking Tips & Questions To KnowUnderstand what speed networking is all about. Come well prepared. Always have the end in mind. Be honest and show respect. You will gain from giving. Be aware of your personal brand. Prepare your elevator pitch. Speed networking questions are important too.More items •22 Jun 2018

How do you facilitate network speed?

Tips and Tricks to Effective Networking EventsTell participants to bring business cards. Encourage everyone to write one thing about the person they met on the business card given.Recommend some interesting questions. 5-minutes is a short period of time to get to know someone. Keep things relaxed.

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