Question: How do Honduras talk?

The official language of Honduras is Spanish. Most Hondurans speak at a relatively relaxed pace, tend to annunciate rather clearly, and do not often drop final consonants. While it is widely spoken, Spanish is a second language for many in the country.

What does Maje mean in Honduras?

Maje is the most Honduran of Honduran slang words. It means “dude,” “bro,” and “mate.” You hear it everywhere, all the time in this Central American country.

What are bad words in Honduras?

I have compiled a list here of Hondureñismos or typical Honduran words:Maje: guy, fellow. Pija: vulgar yet common. Pija de/Pije: vulgar again yet very common, something that is large – una pija fila being a long line. Pijeado/Vergeado: a bad situation maybe. Pulperia: a corner shop.More items •Mar 29, 2018

Does Honduras have an accent?

We dont use an accent to speak. Just in the Islas de la Bahía, there we speak english because some tourists are english spoken and thats why we speak english. In Tegucigalpa, there are some shops that are english spoken, specially the souvenirs, because some tourists want like memories from here, so thats why.

How do you say Girl in Honduras?

jeva: In Honduras, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Venezuela it is used to refer to a young women. An alternate spelling is jeba.

What language is spoken in Honduras?

Spanish Honduras/Official languages

What is the nickname for Honduras?

Catracho Hondurans are often referred to as Catracho or Catracha (fem) in Spanish. The word was coined by Nicaraguans and derives from the last name of the Spanish Honduran General Florencio Xatruch, who in 1857 led Honduran armed forces against an attempted invasion by North American adventurer William Walker.

What is the main language spoken in Honduras?

Spanish Honduras/Official languages

What do Panamanians call each other?

“Fren” is a clear example of this cultural exchange and can show us how the USAs culture left an undeniable impression in Panamanian Spanish. Meaning “amigo”, “fren” is a word derived from the English “friend”.

What is a female vato?

But, vato has a bit of a rougher past than bato. Because of its gang history, it has an implicit “bad boy” undercurrent to it. And, vato has a feminine counterpart: vata, which can be used to refer to prostitutes or a female who owes someone money. Bato is just a friendly term, used among male friends.

What is your race if you are from Honduras?

The majority of the Honduran population is Mestizo (a mixture of Spaniards and Amerindian), these people are descended from immigrants from Spain and Amerindian people like the Lencas and Mayans. According to studies the Mestizo population makes up 40% of the total population of Honduras.

How do Panamanians say hello?

Buenas. (bwen-ass) – A common greeting that is equivalent to a quick and polite “hello” in passing.

Is Diablo a bad word?

Is Diablo a bad word? Diabolical is related to the Spanish word diablo, which means “devil.” In many religions and mythologies, you cant get any more evil than a devil, so diabolical is a powerful term, stronger than even despicable, which is another strong word for things that are hateful.

What does Diakachimba mean?

Adjective. diacachimba (plural diacachimbas) (Nicaragua) cool; awesome Synonyms: see Thesaurus:guay.

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