Question: How do I find bikers to date?

What defines a biker?

English Language Learners Definition of biker : a person who rides a motorcycle : motorcyclist. : a person who rides a bicycle : bicyclist.

Does match show inactive profiles?

Match does not have an official inactive policy. In fact, although its clear that you can only reactivate a deactivated account within a year, if you havent deactivated your account, it seems that your profile will remain active indefinitely – even if you do not pay for a subscription.

Can I pause my Match subscription?

Suspending a Subscription Currently, suspending your subscription or putting it on hold for a few months isnt a feature we provide. If you need to take a break, you can Hide your profile until youre ready to use the site again. (When your profile is Hidden, your subscription will still renew or end on the same date.

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