Question: Who has bananas dated on the challenge?

Johnny Bananas told his girlfriend Morgan Willett that their relationship couldnt work if she appeared on The Challenge.

Who dated bananas?

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Morgan Willett Bananas met the Big Brother winner in 2018 during War of the Worlds when she chose him as her partner on the show. After being sent home, the pair traveled the world together and have been dating ever since.

Why is Johnny Bananas not on the challenge anymore?

And after the monumental win, Bananas took a step back from the show. “After Total Madness, I just needed a break,” Bananas said, “Because that bunker we lived in truly drove me mad.” Bananas has enjoyed his time watching others go through the trials of competing on The Challenge for once.

Are Frank and Gillian still together?

They were still together when Jillian competed on Fresh Meat II (her third and final challenge), but appear to have broken up shortly after that. Frank now has a successful career in finance while Jillian is happily married.

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