Question: Is there a dating site similar to ostomates?

What does Ostomate mean?

ostomy : an individual who has undergone an ostomy.

Can I drink alcohol with a colostomy?

With any stoma you can still enjoy alcoholic beverages, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. It is important to be aware that drinking beer will produce an excess of wind, due to the hops that are used to make beer. This can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing.

How long does it take to poop after ileostomy reversal?

Three to six months after your reversal operation your bowels will probably have a more settled pattern. However, if you have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy before or after your reversal operation your bowels may take longer to settle than those who have not.

How long is recovery after stoma reversal?

Recovering from a colostomy reversal Most people are well enough to leave hospital 3 to 10 days after having colostomy reversal surgery. Its likely to take some time before your bowel movements return to normal. Some people have constipation or diarrhoea, but this usually gets better with time.

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