Question: What year was my Boss pedal made?

The first batch of Boss pedals were made in October, 1977 and featured the code 6300 for the whole month of production. The second month (November, 1977) were labelled 6400, the third (December, 1977) were 6500 and so on. This system continued all the way through to around April, 1981 at 10500 (or sometimes just 0500).

How do I tell what year my Boss pedal is?

There are a number of ways to date your Boss pedal. The easiest way is to just use the BOSS Serial Number Decoder to find out when your pedal was originally produced. You can find the serial number in the battery compartment inside the pedal.

Where is Boss serial number?

A. Most Roland or BOSS serial numbers have a 7-digit designation containing 1–2 letters and 5–6 numbers, usually located on the rear of your Roland or BOSS gear. For more details and images, check out this Knowledge Base article.

When were Boss pedals made in Japan?

Electro Harmonix did boast a small lineup, but it mostly encompassed just fuzz and boost pedals. When Japanese manufacturer BOSS emerged in the mid-70s, though, they brought many new effects to the table. And in doing so, they changed the course of the guitar industry for the better.

Do you need a Boss adapter?

You dont need a Boss adapter. Any adapter that does 220V to 9 or 110 to 9 (depending on your country), should work. Just pay attention to the jack that connects to the pedal it must obviously fit. Have fun.

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