Question: Is Tallahassee a good town?

Tallahassee is in Leon County and is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Tallahassee offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. Many young professionals live in Tallahassee and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Tallahassee are above average.

Is Tallahassee a safe town?

— An analysis of crime statistics in American cities has named Tallahassee as one of the least safest cities to live in Florida. recently released their Safest Cities to Live in Florida 2019 list. Tallahassee ranked 126 out of the 134 Florida cities ranked.

How bad is Tallahassee?

Tallahassee had 767 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents in 2015, far more than in any of Floridas 21 other metro areas observed by the FBI. It was also well above the states violent crime rate of 461.9 per 100,000 (Florida was the 11th highest in the nation).

Is Tallahassee a good place to live 2020?

Whether youre looking for a fresh start or are a lifelong resident, Tallahassee is an outstanding place to live, work and play. With extensive educational and business opportunities, a world-class parks system and a vibrant arts and culture scene, Tallahassee offers an unparalleled quality of life.

Is Tallahassee a poor city?

The Poverty Rate across the state of Florida is 15.5%, meaning Tallahassee has a dramatically higher than average percentage of residents below the poverty line when compared to the rest of Florida .Poverty Rate in Tallahassee, Florida.CityPoverty RateTallahassee27.1%Woodville9.6%

Is Tallahassee safe at night?

Tallahassee is generally not the safest city, but you can travel in it safely if you take increased precautions. For example, do not walk around the town alone late at night, do not shine with jewelry, and do not mess with drug dealers.

What is the crime rate in Tallahassee Florida?

50 per one thousand residents With a crime rate of 50 per one thousand residents, Tallahassee has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. Ones chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20.

What do I need to know before moving to Tallahassee?

Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer.Its a college town through and through. Everything is relatively close. Its close enough to larger cities for a quick vacation. Expect traffic in the fall. And expect traffic in the spring. Enjoy a lower cost of living. Public service is intertwined in the city.More items •27 Apr 2018

What can adults do in Tallahassee?

Things To Do In TallahasseeExplore The Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park. Visit St. Explore Tom Brown Park. Visit The Challenger Learning Center / IMAX Theatre And Planetarium. Shop At Bradleys Country Store. Dream At Lichgate On High Road. Catch A Performance At Cascades Park. Check Out Railroad Square Art Park.27 Jul 2021

How close is Tallahassee to the beach?

Tallahassee is located just 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, which is home to some of the worlds top beaches. With more than 1,600 miles of coastline and beautiful, sugar-white sand, there are plenty of options for residents looking for beaches near Tallahassee.

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