Question: Does Becky Lynch have a baby?

Becky and Seth welcomed Roux in December. Sharing their happy news on Instagram, Lynch posted a photo of the couple holding Rouxs hand with the caption: Welcome to the world Roux. You are the love of our lives.

Does Seth Rollins have a kid?

Seth RollinsYears active2005–presentSpouse(s)Becky Lynch ​ ( m. 2021)​Children1Professional wrestling career10 more rows

What is Nikki Bellas real name?

Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace Nikki Bella/Full name Now retired, Brie Bella — whose full name is Brianna Monique Danielson — won the Divas Championships in 2011 and sister Nikki — who is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace — eventually won two titles as well.

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