Question: Who pays on a first date?

Men Should Pay on a First Date – According to Men Women dont agree. Less than half of the women in the study (46%) think that paying for the date is the guys responsibility. Men and women also disagree on whether women should foot the bill instead. Just 2% of men want women to pay when theyre on a first date.

Should a woman offer to pay on a first date?

The Golden Rule of paying on a date is this: always offer to contribute, but be willing to take no for an answer. Even if you asked your date out, even if you are a powerful woman with an extremely high salary, and even if you want to pay, its OK to let you date cover a bill no matter their gender.

Who should pay on the first date poll?

According to one survey of LGBTQ singles, a majority feel the person who initiated or asked for the date should pay. Although this seems like a fair solution, in straight couples, men still do most of the asking, so men would still likely end up with the check.

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