Question: Are there any singles dating sites in Switzerland?

eDarling. eDarling is a free Swiss dating site thats meant for discerning singles. Every week, dozens of members meet someone special, and Gabi and Peter are just one of the many happy stories: “We would like to thank you very much, and we will always and often recommend eDarling.”

Is Zurich good for singles?

The Old Town area is definitely going to be a good place to try and meet single Zurich women during the day. Not only the locals but you should find plenty of tourists from around the world walking around enjoying a holiday.

Where do singles live in Zurich?

Niederdorf – part of the old town, this district is located to the eastern side of the Limmat river. City/Lindenhof – the other part of the old town, which lies to the western side of the river. Seefeld – located on the eastern shore of the lake, this district is increasingly popular but very expensive.

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