Question: Where should I not live in San Diego?

What actors live in San Diego?

What famous people live in San Diego?Shaun White. You might know Shawn White as a snowboarding Olympic gold medalist. Bill Gates. Deepak Chopra. Aaron Rodgers. Steve Perry. Phil Mickelson. Zandra Rhodes. Tony Hawk.More items

Is downtown San Diego safe to live?

As a general rule, most areas of downtown San Diego are very safe. While there are homeless people in the area, especially in the East Village area of downtown, theres also a strong police presence.

Where are people from San Diego moving to?

The top places San Diegans move to are Riverside County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Phoenix and Las Vegas, said Internal Revenue Service data from 2016. In an area as big as San Diego County, people are bound to leave for a number of reasons.

How long is winter in San Diego?

December-January Weather in San Diego Winter is the citys coolest season, but dont expect a traditional winter in San Diego. Average temperatures rest in the 60s and the lows occasionally drop into the high 40s, but thats only very late at night or in the early morning.

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