Question: Is talking to a minor illegal?

If you communicate with a minor, you could be accused of a serious crime. It is not a crime for an adult to communicate with a minor. However, if you contacted or communicated with a minor with the intent to commit a crime, you could face criminal charges.

Can you get in trouble for chatting with a minor?

It is illegal to chat with minors online. If parents see their child chatting online with a person they dont know, the parents may contact the police and make accusations against the person, no matter what the situation. This could lead to criminal charges being filed against you.

Can you talk to a minor without a parent?

No. In California, the police may generally question minors without their parents consent. But, as noted above, a juvenile interrogation must be voluntary. If a child asks to have a parent present and the request is denied, a judge may decide the childs participation was not voluntary.

Can you cuddle with a minor?

No, its not illegal to hug or hold hands. However, you are still considered a minor regarding sexual related activity. The 18 year old male could potentially face criminal charges.

Can a 13 year old see a doctor on their own?

Confidentiality. In most cases, teens need permission from a parent or guardian to see a doctor or nurse practitioner. However, children age 12 and older can see a health care practitioner without parental permission for these confidential issues: Pregnancy prevention.

Health & Safety Code § 124260 “[A] minor who is 12 years of age or older may consent to [outpatient] mental health treatment or counseling services if, in the opinion of the attending professional person, the minor is mature enough to participate intelligently in the mental health treatment or counseling services.” (

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