Question: How old is the average woman in Alabama?

What is the life expectancy in Alabama?

75.1 years The average person born in Alabama in 2018 is expected to live 75.1 years, according to data published Thursday by the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Alabamas life expectancy was the third lowest in the nation, behind only Mississippi and West Virginia.

What is the average age to get married in Alabama?

The Alabama average age of marriage is younger than the national average. For women, the average in Alabama is 26. Men are typically 28 when they get married in this state. With these numbers smaller than the national average, there may be a correlation between younger people marrying and divorce.

What is the average womans age?

On average, US women are even 5.1 years older, reaching an age of 81.4. The world average age of death instead, is a few years lower at 70.6 years for men and 75.0 years for women. Within the European Union, these are 78.4 and respectively 83.8 years.

How old is the average woman when she has her first child?

The average age of first-time mothers in America is now up from 21 to 26, while for fathers, its increased from 27 to 31. This isnt just within America; women in other developed countries are waiting too with the average first birth happening for new mothers at age 31.

What is the leading cause of death in Alabama?

Heart Disease Stats of the States - AlabamaAL Leading Causes of Death, 2017DeathsState Rank*1. Heart Disease131104th2. Cancer10,41010th (tie)3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases3,4846th4. Stroke2,9312nd6 more rows

What is the majority race in Alabama?

TablePopulationWhite alone, percent 69.1%Black or African American alone, percent(a) 26.8%American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 0.7%Asian alone, percent(a) 1.5%54 more rows

Whats the typical age to get married?

The median age at marriage in 2019 was 32.3 years of age for males and 30.5 years of age for females.

Which state has the highest maternal mortality rate?

Louisiana Louisianas Louisiana. Louisianas maternal mortality rate of 58.1 deaths per 100,000 births is the highest in the United States.

Is Alabama a rich or poor state?

Alabama is a southern state known for its music, hot weather and Civil Rights history. Alabamas current estimated poverty rate of 15.5% is the lowest recorded since 2000 but still sits above the national average.

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