Question: Does Josh Lucas do the Home Depot commercial?

Actor Josh Lucas, (Ford v. Ferrari, A Beautiful Mind, American Psycho, Sweet Home Alabama) just wrapped up 2 hours of recording voiceovers for numerous 30 second advertising spots for The Home Depot at Studio A. He is a real pro.

Who is the voice for Home Depot commercial?

Josh Lucas Turns out its Josh Lucas, the actor.

Who voices the new T Mobile commercial?

Jeffrey Johnson (actor) - Wikipedia.

Who does the voice over for Vraylar commercial?

Debra Lynn Winger (born May 16, 1955) is an American actress. Lola Falana, Actress: The Liberation of L.B. You can connect with VRAYLAR on Facebook or by phone at 1-877-6VRAYLAR.

What else does Josh Lucas play in?

He is best known for his roles in various films, including American Psycho (2000), You Can Count On Me (2000), The Deep End (2001), A Beautiful Mind (2001), Sweet Home Alabama (2002), Hulk (2003), An Unfinished Life (2005), Glory Road (2006), Poseidon (2006), Life as We Know It (2010), The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), Red

Who is the woman in the Home Depot commercial?

Scarlett Estevez Scarlett Estevez TV Commercials Ads.

Who is the voice of the yellow M&M?

J.K. Simmons Simmons Was the Voice Behind the Yellow M&M.

How old is Johnson voiceovers?

What is Stefan Johnsons age? Stefan Johnson is currently 31 years old. The voice actor was reportedly born on 21 November 1989, making him a Scorpio.

Who is the woman in the Essilor commercial?

The Essilor 20/20 Vision Pledge is a compelling way to empower parents to make the right choice as Essilor drives toward a 2020 goal of better vision health for all. Rising star Marsai Martin, at just 14-years-old, is already on course to be a whirlwind sensation.

Who does the voiceover for Chevy commercials 2021?

actor John Cusack “Chevrolet. Find New Roads.” The voice belongs to none other than Golden Globe-winning actor John Cusack.

Who is the female voice on the Lexus commercials?

Minnie Driver Minnie Driver is the current voice of Lexus radio and television commercials.

Is Matthew McConaughey in Sweet Home Alabama?

There are a few cuddly moments between Witherspoon and Lucas (a poor mans Matthew McConaughey), but they continually stall out, turning Alabama into a marriage, and a movie, that refuses to die.

What type of retailer is Home Depot?

home improvement retailer U.S. The Home Depot, Inc., commonly known as Home Depot, is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, supplying tools, construction products, and services. The company is headquartered in incorporated Cobb County, Georgia, with an Atlanta mailing address.

Who is the voice of Menards commercials 2020?

Ray Szmanda If you lived in the Midwest between the years of 1976-1998, you will almost certainly recognize the face and voice of Ray Szmanda. Szmanda was affectionately known as The Menards Guy after spending more than 20 years as the television pitchman for Menards®.

Who does the female M&M voice?

Vanessa Williams Turns out, the voice of the Brown M&M in the 2018 Super Bowl commercial is none other than Vanessa Williams, who made her debut in the 2012 Super Bowl commercial Ms. Brown. Despite Williams not being the star of this 30-second spot — that would be Danny DeVito, FYI — she makes the most of the few lines she does have.

What flavor is the Orange M&M?

Orange Vanilla Creme February 20, 2020 After popular demand, M&MS® is bringing back the limited edition Orange Vanilla Creme flavor. Offering a bit of nostalgia with every bite, these M&MS® are made with white chocolate featuring flavor hints of orange and vanilla wrapped in the brands signature colorful shell.

Who does Stefan Johnson voice?

Stefan can be heard voicing campaigns for known brands such as McDonalds, Cartoon Network, Bally Sports, Pandora, The Orlando Magic NBA team, i24 News, American Greetings, SEGA, Boost Mobile, The Air National Guard, The U.S. Army, Movie Park Germany, Wells Fargo, Bobcat, Megabus, Ancestors Legacy for Xbox, Motorola,

Who does the voiceover for Lowes?

About Patrick. I am an experienced voice actor and can most recently be heard in a series of national Lowes commercials.

Is Jon Hamm the voice of Mercedes Benz?

Actor Jon Hamm (most known for his role as Don Draper on Mad Men) has been the voice actor for Mercedes-Benz since 2010. The first Mercedes-Benz commercial Jon Hamms voice appeared in was for the S400 Hybrid (below). Since 2010 Hamm has been in a variety of Mercedes-Benz commercials.

Who does the voiceover for the McDonalds commercials?

Brian Cox McDonalds – Brian Cox.

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