Question: What is Galaxy dating app?

Galaxy - Chat Rooms & Dating 17+ Explore hundreds of chat rooms or create your own one to meet real people online. Enjoy private conversations with classic emojis and our very own cute smileys. Share pics with your friends easily. Join our dating game to explore thousands of profiles from your place and worldwide.

What is Galaxy Chat app?

Galaxy - Chat Rooms: Meet New People Online Date is a free software for Android, belonging to the category Chat & Instant Messaging.

When was Galaxy Chat and Play released?

Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330 is an Android-based smartphone by Samsung, announced in July 2012 and released in August 2012. Its main features are 3G connection with speeds up to 7.2Mbit/s and Wi-Fi.

How do I delete my Samsung account?

Delete your accountNavigate to the Samsung account web page in a web browser.Log in using your ID and password, and then select My Account info.Click the Profile card, and then click Samsung Account settings.Click Delete account, review the precautions, and then follow the on-screen prompts to finish deleting it.

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