Question: Is Shea and Mike still together from ready to love?

Ready To Love couple Michael and Shea have called it quits.

Is Reva and Mario from Ready To Love still together?

Are you and Reva currently in a relationship? Yes we are and we are happy.

Where was ready for love last resort filmed?

The entire project was filmed on location in Mauritius, leading to lots of unexpected adventure, including an abundance of geckos, an encounter with a terrifying bridge, and lots and lots of shirtless acting for Walls.

Is the movie resort real?

And the titular resort of the movie is as real as it gets, although the island may be fictional. Cinematographer-director Taylor Chien made the movie from his own script. And the idea came to him as he was on a trip to Hawaii himself. According to the locals, paranormal experiences occurred in the resort.

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