Question: How much does a 15 second YouTube ad cost?

How much is a 15 second ad on YouTube?

YouTube Trueview ads or in-stream ads will cost somewhere between $0.10 and $0.30 per view, depending on the target audience and marketing goals. YouTube Discovery ads or YouTube display ads will cost about $0.30 per click.

How much do YouTube ads cost 2021?

The cost of YouTube ads in 2021 depends on a variety of factors such as ad format, watch time, targeting mechanisms, and campaign objectives. That being said, the average cost per click for YouTube ads in 2021 falls between $0.10 and $0.30.

What is the cost of YouTube ads?

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost In India? Businesses On Average, Pay A YouTube Advertising Cost Of $0.10 To $0.30 Per View Or Action Approximately, With An Average $10 Daily Budget.

How much money do you get from 1 million YouTube views?

How Much Money does 1 Million YouTube Views Make? The average amount YouTubers make per 1 million views usually falls between $2,000 and $4,000. However, the pay rate varies dramatically depending on engagement, type of content, and other revenue streams. Additionally, it takes hard work to get to 1 million views.

Who is Indias most famous Vlogger?

Jul 2, 2021. Most Popular Indian YouTubers. Carry Minati. Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carry Minati, is an avid gamer. Ashish Chanchlani. Chanchlani shot to fame with his comic vines on YouTube. Amit Bhadana. Bhuvan Bam. Gaurav Chaudhary. Dr. Emiway Bantai.More items •2 Jul 2021

Who is worlds No 1 YouTuber?

PewDiePie (110m subscribers) By far the most famous YouTuber in the world, in part thanks to a number of controversies and his rivalry with another channel, T-Series, hes also one of the highest earners on the platform.

Who is #1 YouTuber?

Most-subscribed channelsRankChannelContent category1T-SeriesMusic2CocomelonEducation3SET IndiaEntertainment4PewDiePieEntertainment46 more rows

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