Question: Who is Ashley Spivey husband?

The heartbreaking revelation came two weeks after Spivey announced that she was expecting with husband Steve Hunsberg.

How far along was Ashley Spivey when she miscarried?

Spivey announced in April that she was six weeks and six days pregnant. “I dont want to have to stay silent about it because of taboos or a fear of jinxing it,” the former ABC personality wrote via Instagram at the time.

When was Ashley Spivey on The Bachelor?

Ashley Spivey Hunsberger was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in week 5.

How long were Clare and Dale together?

Clare and Dale seemed like they had the perfect relationship, at least up until when the 32-year-old made a sudden break-up announcement in January 2021. Dale notified his followers that he and Clare had decided to go their separate ways after dating for six months.

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