Question: How do you date a Stratton compact?

When were Stratton compacts made?

From Stratton Knitting Needles to 1930s Glamour Stratton started out in 1860 as a knitting needle manufacturer, and marketed their first powder compacts in 1923.

Are Stratton compacts valuable?

Without doubt Stratton were the most successful brand of British powder compact. The quality of their enamel was clearly superior to the other British brands at the time. Vintage Stratton accessories are highly collectible today and many have proved to be a good investment.

How do you use a vintage compact?

5:086:21How to use a vintage Stratton powder compact - how to refill with powderYouTube

How do you refill compact powder?

What You NeedFirst thing to do is wash out your vintage compact very well. Scoop some powder into a small bowl.Add about a cap full of liquid to the powder.Mix to a thick paste. Scoop the paste in and spread the paste around the dish and press a little to make sure there are no empty bubbles hiding.More items •9 Dec 2010

How do you use compact powder?

0:363:567 Genius Ways To Use A Compact Powder | Makeup Hacks - YouTubeYouTube

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