Question: How is dating in Sweden?

Swedes dont date more than one person at the same time; theres no such thing as “dating around”. Once you start meeting someone for fika and outdoor walks, youre assumed to be in a monogamous relationship with each other, even if you never stated it outright.

What does Fika mean in French?

A relaxing coffee and cake break. Fika is often translated as a coffee and cake break, which is kind of correct, but really it is much more than that.

How much is rent in Sweden?

AccommodationShort-termPrice per nightLong-termRent per monthOne-bedroom apartment (city centre)9000–12,000 SEKOne-bedroom apartment (suburbs)7000–10,000 SEKStudent dorm/apartment3000–6500 SEK10 more rows•20 Mar 2020

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