Question: Is Kevin Jonas still with Danny?

Are Dani and Kevin Jonas still together?

Kevin and Danielle Jonas are celebrating 11 years of wedded bliss, and in honor of the occasion, Kevin is throwing it back to their first meeting. The 33-year-old musician took to Instagram on Saturday to share a photo of himself and Danielle, 34, posing in the spot they met over 13 years ago.

Does Kevin Jonas have a wife?

Danielle Jonasm. 2009 Kevin Jonas/Wife Kevin shares Alena and Valentina with wife Danielle Jonas. In 2019, Danielle told E! News that Alena and Valentina are huge fans of the Jonas Brothers.

Are Jonas Brothers still together?

In 2019, the brothers came back together with their comeback album Happiness Begins, playing together again and beginning a new era of Jonas Brothers songs. The groups new memoir named Blood will be available in the market from November 9, 2021.

Who is the most famous Jonas brother?

For many Gen Z-ers, Frankie Jonas has become an icon in his own right — and its all thanks to TikTok. In the span of a few months, the younger brother of Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas has quickly accrued his own fervent following thanks to his self-deprecating jokes, outlandish stunts and extreme commitment to the bit.

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