Question: What are Iranian parents like?

What are Persian parents like?

Iranian culture is adult-oriented with parents being involved in making major decisions for their children, such as whom they should marry and what profession they should have. Family members are expected to spend lots of time with each other and socializing with relatives is a very important part of Iranian life.

How important is family in Iran?

Family. The family is the most important element of Iranian culture and society and is defined in the Constitution as the fundamental unit of society. Kinship and family constitute a tightly linked network, in which the highest priority is assigned to the welfare of the members rather than to individual goals.

Is English taught in Iran?

Iran has banned teaching the English language in primary schools, calling the subject a cultural invasion. The ban does not affect foreign-language tuition at secondary school or popular private institutes which teach English outside the educational system.

Is University in Iran free?

According to article 3 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran guarantees free education and physical training for everyone at all levels, and the facilitation and expansion of higher education.

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