Question: How do you get a prison pen-pal?

How do I find a prison pen pal?

The most popular websites for finding inmate pen pals are:PrisonPenPals.Inmate Classified.Friends Beyond the Wall.WriteAPrisoner.

Can you have a prison pen pal in the UK?

Prisoners Penfriends provides penfriends, from the community outside prison, for prisoners in England and Wales. Prisoners Penfriends is approved and encouraged by Her Majestys Prisons and Probation Service.

Whats the meaning of pen pal?

a friend : a friend made and kept through correspondence.

Can you write to people in prison UK?

Letters. You can contact a prisoner by writing to them. Write the persons prisoner number on the envelope. You can complain to the prison if you think your letters are being read when they should not be, or if your letters are not reaching the prisoner.

What do you say to someone in prison?

01“Dear Maggie, I am writing to say that I cant wait for you to get out of jail. There is so much waiting for you outside – great food, wonderful parties, your family. I cant wait to share all of these things with you. I dont want you to fret too much about the past.

Is it safe to write prisoners?

Originally Answered: Is it safe to write letters to prisoners? Generally, yes. Just be careful not to give too much personal information about yourself and write inmates with the understanding not all of them just want a pen pal. Understand that a lot of inmates will just try and use you for things.

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