Question: Why do best relationships start friendships?

“If youre edging into a more intimate relationship, youve probably decided over time theyre trustworthy, dependable and of good character,” Wilson says. “Friendships give the advantage of time and space to grow and flourish together before you take the risk of vulnerability and handing over your heart.”

Why do friendships lead to relationships?

Friendships make fertile grounds for love. They support us and stand beside us when things get tough, and they motivate and inspire us when were looking for new opportunities. Our friends see us for who they are, and that seeing and that knowing can (sometimes) lead to a passionate love affair.

Is my friendship becoming more?

If they are always looking at you in groups instead of glancing around at everyone else, chances are, theyre at least a little bit into you. Or, even if they arent into you yet, your friendship is strong enough that they feel connected to you and want to lock eyes with you across the room rather than the others.

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