Question: Is Ashley Roberts dating Giovanni from Strictly?

The gorgeous singer, 39, has been single since she split from Strictly Come Dancing professional Giovanni Pernice at the end of January 2020 after more than a year of dating. And now, after being cooped up indoors during lockdown, she told The Sun that she was eager to get back out and about.

Who is Giovanni from strictly in a relationship with?

Maura Higgins Well this came out of nowhere! one commenter wrote Fans have been left shocked to learn that Love Islands Maura Higgins and Strictly Come Dancing pro Giovanni Pernice are dating. On Friday (9 July), Pernice and Higgins confirmed their relationship by sharing separate photos kissing to their respective Instagrams.

Is Giovanni off strictly in a relationship?

Sadly, their relationship came to an end after a year with a shock split, but they vowed to remain friends. Confirming the news, Giovanni tweeted: @ImAshleyRoberts and I have made the decision to separate as a couple. We remain friends and wish each other well for the future.

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