Question: How do I become an online moderator?

How do moderators work?

A moderator monitors social media sites such as Facebook for posts and comments on behalf of companies. He or she does the same for comments posted in chat rooms, blogs, websites and message boards. Your role will be to remove offensive posts, arrange info in their right categories and also settle disputes.

What does online chat moderator do?

What are online chat moderators jobs for? Online chat moderator jobs are one of the most basic but one of the most critical tasks that make up your business. They are individuals who are in charge of overseeing the conversations on social platforms to make sure everything is safe for your audience.

Do big streamers pay their mods?

Some streamers are vocal in paying their moderators, who clean up chat and run things behind the scenes every day. Some mods are an integral part of the community, almost as big as the streamer themselves. Moderator slime confirmed as much, with the “mod payroll” for the 31 days reportedly totalling $167,000 USD.

What does a online moderator do?

An online moderator oversees message board or chat room discussion and reviews content to ensure every post meets the sites standards, which may include restrictions of hate speech, racism, classism, sexism, and other forms of offensive behavior, content, or writing.

What exactly does moderation mean?

noun. the quality of being moderate; restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance. the act of moderating.

What is moderation in life?

Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. A way of life emphasizing perfect amounts of everything, not indulging in too much of one thing, hence moderation.

How much do chat moderators make?

Chat Moderator SalaryAnnual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$54,000$4,50075th Percentile$42,000$3,500Average$35,853$2,98725th Percentile$25,000$2,083

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