Question: Why is social class bad?

Social class is correlated to environmental hazards that increase ones risk of contracting a disease or sustaining an injury; low access to fresh produce, exercise facilities, and preventative health programs are all environmental hazards that negatively impact health outcomes.

How does social class affect the poor?

Sociologists agree that social class, determined by education, income, and occupation levels, impacts families and shapes lives and opportunities. Poor families have fewer material resources and opportunities, and often live in neighborhoods and school districts that are less desirable.

Can someone change their social class?

Changing social class is a Yes, and process at best. You may add to your life and you may experience internal conflict. You may do both. Changing your social class may alienate you from people you know and may alienate you from the person you are now.

Why do people value social status?

Everyone cares about status whether theyre aware of it or not, says Anderson. He says status is considered universally important because it influences how people think and behave. Establishing that desire for status is a fundamental human motive matters because status differences can be demoralizing, says Anderson.

Are people born into a social class?

Every human is born into a social and cultural setting that includes family, community, social class, language, and religion, among other factors. Throughout human history, most people live and die in the social class into which they were born. If they were born poor, chances are they will die poor.

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