Question: What does LG mean in texting?

What is LG short for?

The companys original name was Lucky GoldStar but LG has become more synonymous with the companys tag line Lifes Good IFV.

What is the meaning of LG in German?

LG = Liebe Grüsse: Best regards – the literal translation would be “love greetings”. You can use this at the end of an email to sign your name. zB.

What does LG girl mean?

little girls Nearly everyone there was part of an emerging cross-cultural scene centered on an Asian-Australian identity: electronic music, athleisure fashion and social media savvy. They often call themselves the “little girls” and “little boys” of Sydney and Melbourne, or L.G.s and L.B.s for short.

Is LG a good brand?

Overall, the LG has a well-earned reputation for high-quality designs and great picture quality, whether its on mid-range systems like LG Nanocell or LG QNED TVs, or budget-friendly models, like LG UHD models, which use basic LCD panels.

What does BB mean in German?

noun abbreviation. (Brit) = Boys Brigade. adjective. (on pencil) 2B.

What does VG mean in German?

Vorgesetzter VG stands for Vorgesetzter,which can also mean superiors, but as they are talking about appraisals (MAG=Mitarbeitergespräche), line manager would be better here.

What does LG mean in TikTok?

Summary of Key Points Little Girl is the most common definition for LG on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. LG. Definition: Little Girl.

What does Lil Girl mean?

A female child Little-girl meaning A female child, especially one younger than ten years of age. noun.

Is LG a bad brand?

The brand is now recognized as a high quality brand. Its luxury brand would build on the LG brands reputation for quality and innovation. This year, 2019, the prestigious J.D Power report lists LG as ranking highest in customer satisfaction across all appliance categories.

What does VG mean in German email?

You might also see it as “VG” or “LG” respectively in emails. Gruß This is the equivalent of “regards” in English. Machs gut! The English equivalent would be “take care!” or “take it easy!” and is typically only used in email.

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