Question: How do I permanently delete my topface account?

Open the profile, click Settings, select Account, click Delete Account. To delete a profile without the possibility of restoring it later, do not use your profile data on a mobile device in the future.

How do I deactivate my her account?

You can only close an account on HER from inside the app. iOS - My Profile > Settings in the top, left hand corner > Scroll down to Support > Select Close Account. When you close your account it will delete all your profile data.

What happened to the hoop app?

Hoop announced they would close the app on 17th July 2020. With such short notice, this left many parents and providers in the lurch, not knowing where to turn to find and book classes. Used by over 300,000 parents and 3,000 class providers, its the UKs biggest platform for baby & toddler classes.

How do I edit my profile hoop?

0:001:28How to EDIT YOUR INFO in HOOP? - YouTubeYouTube

Is LinkedIn owned by Apple?

LinkedIn is now Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, a distinction that cost Microsoft just a little north of $26 billion. In the deal, which still has to receive the expected regulatory approvals, Microsoft paid $196 a share, a 50 percent premium on LinkedIns $131 closing price on Friday.

Is Microsoft owned by Google?

To sum things up, the main takeaway of this article is regarding the topic of does Microsoft own google or not — and the answer is no. Microsoft and Google are two different tech giants that are totally independent.

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