Question: What is the busiest day on tinder?

Today, the first Sunday in January, is known in the online-dating world as Dating Sunday. The first Sunday in January is officially the busiest day of the year on dating apps according to Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and Bumble.

Is it weird to be on Tinder in the morning?

Only 1 percent of users checked the app after 2 a.m. When we look at unique audience, we see that a larger percentage of all OkC users sign in both in the morning and night, Nielsen said in a statement. On Tinder, the users likelihood to check in between noon and midnight is mostly flat at about 40 percent.

Is having Tinder embarrassing?

When speaking with fellow Kenyon students about why they were hesitant to join Tinder, the most common response I received was, “I dont want people to see me on there” — translation being, “I would feel embarrassed if people knew I was on Tinder, looking to hook up with someone.” Tinder has always been stigmatized,

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