Question: How to start a relationship with a married woman?

How dating a married woman can ruin your life?

You find yourself being faithful to the wrong woman! Dating and falling in love with a married woman leave you with an edited highlights of a marriage: the laughter, the smiles, the sex but no real relationship built on love, trust and sacrifices. You lack emotional closeness and real intimacy which true lovers have.

How a bad marriage can ruin your life?

An unhappy marriage could break your heart. A US study published last week in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior found that marriages full of rows and criticism increased the risk of heart disease, and the effect was greater than the protective effect from “good” marriages.

Can a man fall in love with married woman?

Is it OK to fall in love with a married woman? Men can still be attracted to a married woman, and a single woman or a married woman can be attracted to someone other than their spouse. It is because of this that we cannot say it is wrong to love a married woman.

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