Question: How does epilepsy affect a persons life?

People with epilepsy often experience changes in their quality of life such as less mobility, as well as the impact on learning, school attendance, employment, relationships, and social interactions.

How does epilepsy affect you physically?

Epilepsy, seizures, and medication can affect how you feel both physically and emotionally. Seizures can cause injury or make you feel tired and out of sorts. You may be quite relaxed about your epilepsy or it may make you stressed or depressed. All these feelings can affect your well-being, concentration or memory.

What is the impact of epilepsy?

The impact of epilepsy is multifaceted and extensive on its effects. The occurrence of seizures is unpredictable and often dangerous, increasing the risk of injury, hospitalization and mortality, and adversely affecting a patients mental health, often resulting in anxiety, depression or cognitive impairment.

Does epilepsy change your personality?

When epilepsy affects you for long periods, you may notice changes in your behavior, your feelings, and in how you see the world. Feelings of depression or anxiety are especially common. A few people with epilepsy experience psychosis (losing contact with reality).

How does epilepsy affect your social life?

People with epilepsy are generally found to have fewer social supports compared to those without this condition, are less likely to marry, have fewer children [11], have lower rates of employment [12] and cite lack of social engagement and difficulty in developing satisfying interpersonal relationships as common

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