Question: How can I spend my GF in a day in Delhi?

How can I spend a day alone in Delhi?

Tour the Red Fort (from USD 14.0) Wander around Lodhi Gardens. Explore Old Delhi (from USD 42.0) Indulge in the street food (from USD 70.0) Attend a dance lesson at Delhi Dance Academy (from USD 113.0) Explore Jama Masjid (from USD 60.0) Visit Gandhis tomb. Go jogging in Deer Park.More items •8 Jan 2020

Where can I go for a solo date?

Here are 25 of our favorite solo date ideas.Get outdoors. Breathe in some fresh air, take some time to self-reflect, and go on a hike!Spa it up. Dive into a book. Make yourself a three-course meal. Get your culture on and go to a museum. Save our libraries. Get your wine on at TJ. Bloom it up.More items

Where can spend alone time in Delhi feeling lonely?

We have lined up some of the best book cafes in Delhi NCR that you can visit for some peaceful solo time this Valentines Day 2020:Another Fine Day. Avg Cost - ₹600 for two. Cafe Turtle. Avg Cost - ₹900 for two. Ivy & Bean. The Brew Room. Puppychino Cafe. OFF the Leash - A Dog Park & Cafe. cafe dori. Big Fat Sandwich.More items •31 Jan 2020

Where can I travel alone in India?

Indias best destinations for solo travellersShimla. Shimla is high on the popularity charts among the tourists. Amritsar. If you havent visited Golden Temple yet just because group travel plans did not work out, you can do so alone as well. Delhi. Udaipur. Varanasi. Goa. Rishikesh. Pondicherry.More items •16 Aug 2020

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