Question: What is the legal age in Indiana?

In particular, the age of consent in Indiana is 16, meaning no one under that age can legally consent to sexual activity. Even if a person under 16 explicitly agrees to have sex, their words are essentially ineffective under the age of consent laws in Indiana.

18 years old Parents or guardians can only be held liable for certain conduct of their minor children. And since Indiana defines the age of majority as 18 years old (as do most states), the Indiana laws were discussing here do not apply to parents whose children are over the age of 18.

Is it illegal for a 14 and 18 year old to date in Indiana?

So, in Indiana, technically, a 14-year old can have sex with an 18-year old. The Indiana Romeo and Juliet Law addresses the inequities of certain statutory rape cases especially those involving teenagers. Call Romeo and Juliette lawyer D Turner Legal for help with your Indiana Age of Consent Law criminal charge.

You dont have the legal right to move out without your moms consent for no reason until youre 18 in Indiana. There is a possibility that you and your friends parents could get in trouble if you run away to their house.

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