Question: When do men need to wear cuff links?

During formal social events, like galas, weddings, receptions, parties, and balls, men should feel at liberty to wear cuff links. Indeed, it is expected that men will take their style beyond plain vanilla shirts that use standard, boring buttons to hold the cuffs.

When should a man wear cuff links?

When do you wear cufflinks? Cufflinks are most commonly worn for formal events, weddings and with business attire. They should be worn when a full suit or a blazer is part of the overall attire.

Do grooms need cufflinks?

You might think that the groom only needs to make one fashion choice for the big day, but that means you forgot about one tiny, but crucial detail: wedding cufflinks. Just like the perfect pair of suspenders or fresh tie, cufflinks are a necessary accessory for grooms sporting a tuxedo or suit at the altar.

Do grooms wear belts?

Suspenders vs. While many men may consider a belt a daily wardrobe staple, menswear experts warn that belts with tuxedos are a no-go. Instead, suspenders (which are optional) can be worn with a tuxedo for extra support with the suspender finish matching the color of the shoe.

Do grooms wear watches?

For grooms, watches are a bit more common and should always be considered when looking for the perfect accessory to go along with a tux. But instead of strapping on the leather watch you wear on a daily basis, or a smartwatch that also counts your steps, you might want to look for something more refined and classic.

Cuff links can be great, and they can certainly be worn without a jacket. But I dont think cuff links are going to look good if youre wearing casual pants or sneakers or Timberlands. You should still look dressy, even if youre not in a jacket and tie.

Should you wear a watch to your wedding?

DONT wear a watch. Think of all the close-up shots of your hands -- at the altar, with the bouquet, your wedding bands -- there are few things less elegant than donning a wristwatch. Choose a shimmering bracelet instead.

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