Question: Can firefighters have relationships?

In a relationship with a firefighter, you must be fully involved as well.” Falling in love with a firefighter is like falling for someone from another world, because the fire world is not the normal world. A firefighters significant other has stepped into a relationship that is exciting yet lonely and challenging.

Do firefighters have affairs?

Again, its not a matter of convenience. So the cheating would happen inside or outside the firehouse. But cheating at the fire house DOES happen, especially because we know about 30% of relationships involve some form of cheating (like messaging, sexting etc).

Can a husband and wife work at the same fire department?

Uniformed members who are family members or in a personal relationship: a. cannot work in the same fire station on the same shift. should not work in the direct chain of command unless authorized by the Fire Chief or their designee.

Why is firefighter divorce rate so high?

They can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, which puts a strain on romantic relationships. A firefighter could be physically injured at work. This also increases stress, both emotional and financial. Financial stress, in particular, has led to more than one divorce.

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