Question: Is it safe for foreign women to date in Taiwan?

Do women have rights in Taiwan?

Womens rights are protected in the Constitution of Taiwan: Article 7 states: All citizens of the Republic of China, irrespective of sex, religion, race, class, or party affiliation, shall be equal before the law.

Is makeup made in Taiwan safe?

Many of the techniques and ingredients used in Taiwanese beauty products also benefit from Taiwans high manufacturing and regulatory standards, including becoming one of first countries in Asia to ban animal testing in cosmetics, in 2016. “If I see its made in Taiwan, I know its going to be good,” she said.

What is special about Taiwanese culture?

Modern Taiwanese culture blends Chinese, Austronesian, Japanese and Western influences. Because Taiwan never experienced Communist oppression, visitors have opportunities to witness traditional religious practices and ancient customs that have disappeared from the Chinese mainland.

Is MAC makeup made in China?

Because MAC is sold in China, where animal testing is required, MAC isnt a cruelty-free company. If youre looking to replace your MAC eyeshadows, I cant recommend Makeup Geek enough. Their eyeshadows are AMAZING!

Is Elf Made in China?

ELF products are made in China, but since the brand does not sell in physical stores in China they are able to manufacture there without being impacted by any of the animal testing laws that exist in China.

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