Question: What is included in WordPress premium?

Using WordPress premium means having access to unlimited and round the clock support whenever you need it. Users can take advantage of full email support, as well as live chat support in any time zone. We also provide WordPress Professional development services based on your requirements.

Is hosting included in WordPress premium?

Premium hosting, security, and backups are included. Your custom domain, premium hosting, security, and backups are included. As secure as, as versatile as self-hosted. Youll need to find a host, and perform backups and maintenance yourself.

What is the count of plans in WordPress?

four plans We currently offer four plans: Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce; each is tailored to your needs.

Can I upgrade my WordPress plan later?

You can upgrade at any time and Staff can make the required adjustments to charges. There are no monthly payment plans. We are billed annually and have to pay in full at the time of upgrading.

Can you start with free WordPress then upgrade?

You can upgrade at any time, and it wont affect your content or your followers in any way. Likewise if you cancel a plan. Your site content will remain safe even when removing an upgrade.

Can I upgrade my free WordPress blog to premium?

Premium Themes: You can get many of the themes available on for free — but if you purchase the Premium theme upgrade for a one-time fee of $20, you get access to the premium theme of your choice to use on your blog forever. You can also purchase access to Unlimited Premium themes for $120/year.

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