Question: Where is the party area in Miami?

Miami is famous for its nightlife and thats in large part thanks to the South Beach scene. A barrier island brushing up against the Atlantic Ocean, South Beach is lined with mega-clubs that attract party people seven nights a week.

Where should I stay in Miami for nightlife?

Miami Beach: the best area to stay in Miami for beach time and nightlife. Little Havana: the best area to stay in Miami for a taste of Cuba. Wynwood – the best area to stay in Miami for art & hipster hangouts. Downtown – the best area to stay in Miami for culture.More items •Oct 26, 2020

Where is the party street in Miami?

Miami Beach The king of nightlife is your place to stay if you want to party—hard. South Beachs Collins Avenue is dotted with fabulous nightclubs such as LIV, Mynt, Wall Lounge, Basement, and many others, where rubbing shoulders with celebrities is the norm.

What Street has all the bars in Miami?

The majority of the party areas can be found on the following streets:Ocean Drive: one of the best places to get the party started. Lincoln Road: a quieter street but with a great vibe, its full of restaurants and bars where you can stop for a drink.More items

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