Question: Is Sunshine Coast a good place to live?

Sunshine Coast is one of the best places to live with your family. The Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE (Technical and Further Education) has campuses everywhere including Noosa, Caloundra Nambour, Gympie, Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

Does it snow on the Sunshine Coast?

Speaking of snow, the communities along the Sunshine Coast are situated very close to sea level, and thus receive minimal snowfall on a typical year. Visitors to the Powell River region can enjoy the snow along the higher elevations of the Sunshine Coast Trail, such as Tin Hat Mountain, or in the Knuckleheads.

How cold does it get in Sunshine Coast?

Temperatures on the Coast can range from a damp cold and wet 0C (32F) in winter to highs of 30C (90F) in summer. The annual rainfall is approximately 100cm (40in.) The Sunshine Coast remains sheltered from the open Pacific.

What should I wear to Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast hinterland area tends to be cooler and occassionally wetter than the coast, so be prepared with a jacket and a heavier coat in the winter months. Remember to wear comfortable shoes when walking in the National Parks. Consider wearing long-sleeved clothing and dont forget the insect repellent.

Can you swim in Maroochydore river?

You can go for a leisurely swim, have a picnic near the river, or take a walk along one of the many walking trails where you can breathe in the fresh ocean air and enjoy the local palm trees and native cotton trees.

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