Question: Is it common for Aquarius men to be clingy?

Can Aquarius get clingy?

You know when an Aquarius is a little too attached because supporting their partners ambition becomes the most important thing in their life — even more than their own goals. When a couple has their own interests and goals they pursue, it adds a positive element to the relationship.

Why are Aquarius men obsessed?

Chances are one of the reasons youre interested in the Aquarius man is because of his intellectual personality. Showing off your intellectual side will be the best way to show him how compatible the two of you are.

Are Aquarius males insecure?

An Aquarius mans biggest insecurity is his temper. Often times, he gets easily angry at small problems, rather than letting them go. Just like everyone else, an Aquarius man needs his partner to be patient and give him time to recuperate when his attitude heats up.

Why are Aquarius bad at texting?

Aquarius doesnt text back and they dont because they never saw that you texted them, to begin with. Its important not to rely on texting with beginning a relationship with an Aquarius but, unlike Taurus or Scorpio, this doesnt mean you can rely on face to face time with them either.

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