Question: Who did Nicholas Hoult play in Harry Potter?

Was Nicholas Hoult in Harry Potter?

Nicholas Hoult We can see Hoult as Harry, but the filmmakers didnt. Photo : Warner Bros.

What else has Nicholas Hoult played in?

FilmographyKnown For. Mad Max: Fury Road Nux (2015)About a Boy Marcus Brewer (2002)Warm Bodies R (2013)X-Men: Days of Future Past Hank / Beast (2014)Actor. The Great Peter (2020-2021)Those Who Wish Me Dead Patrick (2021)Crossing Swords Patrick (2020)The Banker Matt Steiner (2020)More items

What character did Nicholas Hoult play in Back to the Future?

Nicholas Hoults Transition From Child Actor A big jump came when he landed the role in the edgy British coming of age show Skins. While Hoult thought he was more of a fit for the subtler role of Sid, he was cast as the extravagant heartless heartthrob Tony.

Is Kelsey A Grammer Beast?

Despite X-Men: The Last Stand receiving an underwhelming critical response, there were positives to be found and one of the most significant of these was the addition of Kelsey Grammer to the cast as Dr. Hank McCoy - better known as Beast.

Why did Nicholas Hoult leave Skins?

Nicholas Hoult has ruled out a return to Skins for the shows final seventh season, claiming that he is too busy with movie work to reappear in the E4 teen drama. Since leaving the show, he has starred in movies such as X-Men: First Class and A Single Man.

How strong is beast?

KNOWN SUPER HUMAN POWERS: The Beast has the superhuman strength, agility, endurance, speed and dexterity. He is strong enough to lift (press) 2,000 pounds. His legs are powerful enough to enable him to leap 14 feet high in a standing high jump, and 22 feet in a standing broad jump.

How old is Kelsey?

66 years (February 21, 1955) Kelsey Grammer/Age Allen Kelsey Grammer (born February 21, 1955) is an American actor, producer, director and writer, best known for his two-decade-long portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the NBC sitcom Cheers and its spin-off Frasier, for which he won four Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

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