Question: Did Pattinson gain weight?

Robert Pattinson has revealed he isnt bulking up for his role as Batman, as it sets a precedent. The actor, 34, has explained he wont be getting ripped for the role, as many Batman actors have done before. You set a precedent. No one was doing this in the 70s.

How much weight did Robert Pattinson?

According to the stars official measurements, Robert Pattinson weighs around 165 pounds or 75 kilograms. That being said, reports suggest he has put on 10-15 pounds worth of muscle for the role.

How do people feel about Robert Pattinson Batman?

Other users explained that while they like Pattinson as an actor, they do not think that hell make a good Batman. “Hes a fantastic actor, but not for Batman,” one user wrote. There are a few people out there who cant wait to see Robert Pattinson take on this role and believe that he deserves a chance.

What age is Robert Pattinson?

35 years (May 13, 1986) Robert Pattinson/Age

Did Robert Pattinson put on weight for the devil all the time?

s dark drama The Devil All the Time. The accent helped the usually charming Pattinson into the slimy preacher he plays in the movie. The transformation was completed with a fat suit that gave Pattinson a slight belly, which he said came in handy for a stunt scene.

What is Pattinson accent?

Southern accent For the film, Pattinson surprised fans — and Campos — with his high-pitched Southern accent. In their latest interview, Campos recalled Pattinson refusing to meet with a dialect coach and showing up to the films set in character.

Who replaced Batman?

It has since then produced two separate comic book series, the first in 2015, where Tim Drake has replaced Terry as Batman; and the second one in 2016, as part of DC Rebirth, where Terry has become Batman once again.

Is Robert Pattinson actually talking in The Devil All the Time?

Robert Pattinson refused to let anyone hear the voice he would use for his movie The Devil All the Time until he began making the movie. Its director, Antonio Campos, told Insider about Pattinsons process and what it was like when the actor finally revealed his high-pitched Southern accent.

How did Robert Pattinson change his accent?

Robert Pattinson revealed rapping helped developed his American accent. “I think, especially with American accents, I – it was probably definitely from singing and also – and I did genuinely really want to be a rapper when I was a kid.

Is Pattinson really British?

Robert Pattinson is British, born and raised in the heart of England, London. Both of his parents and his grandparents were born in England, with his family tree spanning generations of relatives that were all from England.

Who auditioned for Bella Swan?

Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Bella Swan in Twilight. Although she ended up in another legendary young-adult film series, Jennifer Lawrence originally auditioned for the leading role in Twilight, according to Us Weekly.

Who did Kristen Stewart marry?

Dylan Meyer Kristen StewartBornKristen Jaymes Stewart April 9, 1990 Los Angeles, California, U.S.OccupationActress filmmakerYears active1999–presentPartner(s)Dylan Meyer (2019–present)4 more rows

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