Question: Is mw2 still active 2020?

Modern Warfare 2 is dead. Long live Modern Warfare 2.

How many players is MW2 2020?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - MultiplayerMonthAvg. PlayersGainJanuary 2021567.5+37.5December 2020530.0-7.3November 2020537.3+58.4October 2020479.0+30.494 more rows

Do I need to buy MW to play Warzone?

Battle Royale fans will be glad to hear you dont need to own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in order to play Warzone. Itll be both part of the main game and a standalone download. Youll need up to 100GB of free space for the free-to-play version, so get deleting your old games if you want to get on Warzone.

Why is Call of Duty so big?

In general, the most accepted idea is the fact that Modern Warfare has too many assets. Some players suggest that holding the cosmetics from the store along with un-compressed textures for maps are what cause these issues, while others believe that Infinity Ward simply didnt do enough to compress the game down.

Is Warzone free on PS5?

Heres some good news for you: you do not need PlayStation Plus in order to play Call of Duty: Warzone online. Warzone is a free-to-play game, similar to Apex Legends and Warframe, and luckily, you do not require PS+ in order to play free-to-play games on PSN.

Is mw2 PS3 Dead?

Is mw2 on PS3 Dead? Yeah its dead, if by some chance you can actually find a lobby itll be completely hacked and unplayable nonetheless, its a shame its come this. On PC you can play TDM, domination and SnD. It has 1k concurrent players..

Why is Warzone so GB?

Thats even bigger than initial estimates for Modern Warfare + Warzone on PC, which put the total install size at around 197 GB. The Reddit thread offers several theories as to why Call of Duty: Warzone takes up so much space, most having to do with uncompressed data being easier to process on lower-end systems.

Is Warzone PS5 120fps?

Warzone 120Hz tested on PS5 and Series X! For DF Supporter Program backers, a native 120fps video download is available. With the game confirmed working at 120Hz on PlayStation 5, we compared Warzone with the Series X version using the spectate function.

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