Question: Are there any speed dating sites in Birmingham?

Where can I go on a date in Birmingham?

Fun Dates in BirminghamRailroad Park & the Rotary Trail. Meander through Railroad Park and the Rotary Trail hand-in-hand with your date. Pepper Place. Spend the day exploring Pepper Places eclectic shops and restaurants. Food truck exploration. Museums. Brewery tour. The Marble Ring & Avondale. Dive bars. Happy hour hopping.More items •8 Feb 2017

What questions should I ask at speed dating?

Here are the 14 best speed dating questions:Where do you live? Do you follow politics? Are you a religious person? What is your biggest fear? What is one thing that is on your bucket list? What is the grossest thing that you have ever eaten? Are you an animal lover? What is your favorite thing to do around town?More items

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